Emergency Medicine Remix

As Serious as Cancer

September 17, 2020 EMR/Charles Rogers Ph.D Season 1 Episode 18
Emergency Medicine Remix
As Serious as Cancer
Show Notes

Colorectal Cancer and Health Disparities. In the wake of the loss of Chadwick Boseman, the EM Remix Crew chops it up with colorectal cancer and health disparities expert (and all-around cool brother), Dr. Charles Rogers. 

In order to start this often avoided conversation, we attempt to answer some of your burning questions.We discuss colorectal cancer, health disparities, causes, and prevention.And, we lay out some way that we can beat this together.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are our own and not necessarily those of Emory University, the University of Utah, Cornell University or the University of Pennsylvania. The content of this show is for the purpose of public education and entertainment and is in no form a substitution for individual health advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

1. We don’t have all of the answers… No one does
2. This will be an ongoing conversation in order to discover the truth
3. Asking the right questions is sometimes more important than the answers
4. Respect Always; agreement is optional