Emergency Medicine Remix

Booster Shot #VaxFacts (Promo)

December 28, 2020 EMR Season 1 Episode 21
Emergency Medicine Remix
Booster Shot #VaxFacts (Promo)
Show Notes

Everyone’s been asking us, so here you go. Of course “The vaccine” has come up in our conversations as well. Here’s a little preview of what we’ve been thinking and feeling. We try to separate fear from fact and have a little bit of fun while doing it.
Remember the rules:
1. We don’t have all of the answers… No one does.
2. This is an ongoing conversation in order to discover the truth.
3. Asking the right questions is sometimes more important than the answers.
4. Agreement is optional, respect is mandatory.
5. The individual opinions expressed here and on our platforms are our own.

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