Emergency Medicine Remix

Reasonable Doubts

April 21, 2021 EMR Season 2 Episode 10
Emergency Medicine Remix
Reasonable Doubts
Show Notes

 Conspiracy theory, Pseudoscience in the land of (Dr.) Oz.
In the Era of Social Media and Misinformation with everybody claiming to have the answer, is there any question why so many have doubts. But, are they Reasonable Doubts?

1.     Can’t Knock the Hustle (ft. Chidi): Alternative medicine can also be a hustle
2.     Dead Presidents: $ in alternative medicine
3.     Politics as Usual: The FDA, DEA, Legalization and “The Cure”
4.     Can I Live? Choice and Freedom; Truth and Conspiracy, Life and Death
5.     D’Evils: Human exploitation and experimentation (Medical Apartheid). Who can you trust?
6.     Friend or Foe: Dr. Oz, Dr. Sebi, and us (EM Remix)
7.     Ain’t No [Doctor]: loyalty, cults, science, pseudoscience, faith
8.     Regrets: Consequences of our decisions (antivaxers)